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Some of the questions I get asked are...

What should I wear? Can I bring more than one outfit to change into? Do I need to bring anything? Can more than one person be in the photo? Can I bring my pet? Can I do a standalone shot of my pet? Will you come to my home?

Well, I reserved this page to answer these types of questions.

First of all:  Yes, I will photograph more than one person in a photo shoot.

                     Yes, I will photograph your pet in a picture with you.

                     Yes, I will photograph your pet all by itself.

                     Yes, I will go to your home or a specific location.

                     Yes, you may bring more than one outfit to wear.

                     and Yes, I can help you decide what to wear! 

* I love photographing couples, families and more. What is better than one, but two, three or more people to be included in the picture? These are your memories, your story.

* No matter what size, I will gladly include your pet.  As you can see in my photos, I am an animal lover. I have photographed dogs, cats, goats, horses and even cows! I will even come to your home if you have a large animal that you can't transport. 

* I will go to your home, but location can be a fun and appealing element in your photo shoot. How about a beautiful waterfall? Or how about that favorite grove of Fall trees? Or that really cool rundown place that has neat textures and character? I am up for the challenge and enjoy experiencing various kinds of scenery. I do studio too, if that is your cup of tea.

​* Props? Bring them! I love to include that special item in your shoot.

So let's talk about clothes:

*Ask yourself, "What kind of look am I going for?"

      Family-all dressed in one color or mix it up with bolds or pastels colored palette  

      Senior-favorite outfits, memorabilia style clothes from school-eg. cheering uniform, football uniform, varsity coats, etc.

      Infant-first outfit, favorite outfits, or choose something I have here at my studio. 

      Children-favorite outfits, costumes, or something I have here at my studio.

      Fantasy-favorite costumes, or something I have here at my studio. 

      Glamour-favorite outfits, or something I have here at my studio. 

*I suggest wearing solid colors. When you have a busy background you don't want to wear a busy print. But layers are great with solid color for one layer   and then a print for next layer. 

*For outdoor shoots I suggest wearing earthy colors such as greens, browns, blues, yellows, reds, etc.

*For indoor and some outdoor shoots, wearing busy prints is easier to do with solid backgrounds and backdrops.

*Long sleeves are better than short sleeves.

*And most importantly, come with pressed clothes.

                                  * Have a question that isn't answered here? Please don't hesitate to ask. I love to talk photography! *




Stop by often! I will be updating my site frequently and will be posting more of my favorite shoots!